Defining Elite

Elite, like the people in 4th century BC, Socrates and Plato, illuminating the Greeks on the stone steps of the Acropolis;

Defining Elite

Elite, like the people in 18th century AD, Rousseau and Montesquieu, enlightening the psyche of the French in the surrounds of Paris;

Defining Elite

Elite, like the people in 20th century AD, Steve Jobs and Wozniak possessing the pearl of wisdom to conquer all barriers with foresight and discipline, radiating inspirations in an unassuming scene in a Californian coffee shop.

Defining Elite

Elite embodies the zenith of its time: the source of the fountain, the inheritors of success, the pioneers of a new era, the fertile ground from which springs the seed of innovation in the landscape. In the past, we have been using "Elite" to describe the guiding leaders of history, the ideals of “Elite” transcends time to personify the bold expression of the emerging era, the fundamental tenet towards life.

Defining Elite

Elite International Investment inspires the conception of a new era to define living - "traditional, close and friendly community spirit, harmonized with innovative and flawless facility experience and entwining energetic and relaxed meaning of life". The progressive approach underlining our humble attitude and pioneering approach defines our industry philosophy and our name.

Culmination of knowledge and the pursuit of perfection

With more than 20 years of successful knowledge of the amalgamated industry in Asia, we have flourished into a diversified, integrated enterprise with a focus on real estate, education, services, biopharmaceuticals, and financial investment.

Now, with this wealth of experience, and our extraordinary understanding of Australia, Elite International Investment devised a new blueprint for the Australian real estate development market. Building on our solid track records in property development and investment expertise, we will further introduce real estate packages, education and investment funds management services in addition to a comprehensive layout of real estate development. The integration of diverse cultures and ideologies would propel us to be one of the most prominent real estate development group in Australia.

International vison with local expertise

Over the past two decades, we have developed a number of projects that span from north to south. Whether it is the historical capital city or ecological South-Eastern China, our team can always accurately express the character of the location, and to exhibit a local soul of our overall global services.

We will continue to embrace the "think global, act locally" concept of development. Combining leisure and lifestyle residential environment, the convenient community services as well as fostering a close and friendly community surrounding typifies the meaning of the Australian community spirit. Family oriented, welcoming and closed neighborhood relationships, exciting community activities, surrounded by the quality education system, are the hallmark of the East.

We will combine these values in our latest project in the foreseeable future. These projects will exemplify Australia’s vast expanse of land and its brilliant multicultural touch.

Leisure and convenient service

The leisure living and relaxing environment is Australian residential aspiration. Integrated services and warm family ambiance is the guiding principles of our development project.

With full respect to the essence of the community, we combine our own development ideas and regional culture understanding so that all community households enjoy the warmth and fraternity, leisure and convenient lifestyle right from the moment of purchasing their estate. "Living and livable, enjoy every moment”.

“The ultimate innovation, the pursuit of excellence, and inspiring originality is the cornerstone of the success for all of our projects. The strong reserves of expertise and experience of a successful campaign increases your energy and self-confidence to face the new era of infinite challenges. ”

Allen Wang

PhD | Managing Director